Here comes the sun

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A fan called Louis while she did a twitcam and eleanor picked up the phone.
So you can hear the girl talking to eleanor.
She is really really lovely

( she tells the girl she doesn’t know how long she will stay with the boys too)

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Louis Before to Now!!!

thanks satan

Louis gets really into Liam’s beatboxing +

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Just posted a GIF (Taken with GifBoom)

“My head is saying it’s a risk, and my heart is saying that you deserve a shot. Guys, I’ve gone with my heart. You’re through.

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Listen up guys!


Okay so I’m obviously having a writers block with the fanfic that I am writing right now…sooo I have an idea for a new fanfic but this time I would finish writing it and publish a chapter every 2 days what do you think guys? :)